Akron Plumbing Services

Plumbing is the dirty work that most people would rather avoid, so allow me to handle it for you. I have over 30 years experience providing plumbing services in the Akron area, so if you have a leaky pipe or faucet, clogged drain, need a new water heater installed, or have a garbage disposal that needs cleaned out, I'm ready to take care of it.

Contact me now using the nearby form or phone number. I will review your request, provide a free estimate, and set a plan of action to get the job done well and in timely fashion.

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Akron Plumbing Services Offered By Handy Hendricks

  • Fix slow-draining or clogged sinks
  • Repair existing leaky faucets to save you money on water
  • Install new faucets to give your kitchen or bathroom a new look and feel
  • Install new garbage disposals or clean and repair malfunctioning ones
  • Install new toilets, including optional high-efficiency toilets to save money on water
  • Unclog tough toilet obstructions
  • Repair frozen pipes
  • Fix shower issues and problems
  • Install water filtration systems
  • Install new water heaters or troubleshoot malfunctioning ones
  • Install cold and hot water lines
  • Install outside faucets
  • Install lawn sprinkler systems
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